Private LCA for Experts (GaBi) Training

In order to help you succeed sustainably, Sphera offers a wide range of sustainability-focused training courses and workshops, from an introductory level all the way up to masterclass training. These trainings are private and held virtually.

Training Courses

Standard Trainings

• Private/Single Company
• Intro to Sustainability and LCA
• Jump Start
• Intermediate
• Advanced

Custom Trainings

• Carbon Footprint
• Water Footprint
• LCA Report and Critical Review
• Product Sustainability Envision
• EPD and Product Sustainability
• Land use and Land use change
• End of Life: Waste processing,
• Recycling and credits
• Product Sustainability DfX (Private/Single Company)
• Custom Training (Specify in comment section below)

Organizational details

Pricing depends on number of participants, region and topic.
Please note that due to COVID-19 the training is held online.

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