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“We were impressed by Sphera’s capabilities with respect to breadth of functionality, data processing and scale of deployments for corporate sustainability management. Clearly this has led to the impressive customer list with some of the largest sustainability software deployments.”

David Metcalfe
CEO & Co-Founder | Verdantix

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Embark on an ESG journey that supports successful decarbonization projects and sustainability improvements and satisfies customers and investors. Financial institutions will play a key role in steering financial flows toward sustainable low-carbon technologies and solutions to fight climate change.

With Sphera’s solution, financial institutions can measure, manage and report the financed emissions of their investment portfolio and loans and define their baseline that is critical to perform the next steps toward their net zero journey and ESG excellence.


Portfolio emissions of global financial institutions are on average over 700x larger than direct emissions, per organization reporting financed emissions.


Under half of disclosing financial institutions and only 27% of insurers report actions to align portfolios with limiting global warming to well-below-2-degree-Celsius world.


Financial Institutions are underestimating the most significant climate-related risks, with a potential financial impact of over US $1 Trillion.

Source: CDP, “The Time to Green Finance

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The provision of sustainability-related information on financial products will be critical.

Financial institutions feel pressure from investors, regulators and stakeholders to demonstrate more sustainable performance, and this can often lead to greenwashing. Aside from that, recent studies show that the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is not happening quickly enough. Many organizations lack an accurate overview of their emissions, as well as the guidance, information and tools they need to take action.

An understanding of your financed emissions data builds the foundation for a sound net-zero strategy. The SpheraCloud Financed Emissions solution enables you to easily measure, manage and report the GHG emissions of your financial portfolios, aligned with standards such as PCAF, CDP, TCFD and SBTi.

Ensure your portfolio shows sustainable performance and retains access to future capital to protect your market share.

The call for ESG metrics and visible climate action (for example, net-zero goals or science-based targets) is growing. An accurate measurement of your financed emissions helps you perform scenario analysis, set net-zero targets and take real corrective actions for change.

With Sphera’s Financed Emissions solution, you can plan, build and execute portfolio strategies; set targets based on scenario analysis; and track outcomes.

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Sphera provides a market-leading solution based on the accounting and reporting standard (PCAF) for the financial services industry with:

Sphera’s Financed Emissions solution helps you measure, manage, and report financed emissions (Scope 3, Category 15). Transparent financed emissions data provides valuable insights to monitor and improve portfolio performance as a foundation to execute a sound net-zero strategy as part of a more comprehensive ESG reporting framework.

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Start your ESG journey that supports successful decarbonization projects and sustainability improvements. Play your role in steering financial flows toward sustainable low-carbon technologies and minimize your ESG risk with Sphera solutions for the financial market.