Live Event

Product Stewardship Society Demo Day

March 15, 2023

Preview innovative technology solutions for proactive and effective program management

Sphera at PSS Demo Day

Register for Product Stewardship Society’s free virtual event to hear Sphera expert Jürgen Stichling, Director, Solution Consulting and Sebastian Schulz, Sr. Product Manager on the architecture of LCA Automation solution and how it can be leveraged in decarbonization journey.

Achieving Greater Efficiency with Sphera’s LCA Automation

March 15, 2023 2:00-2:45pm

When you generate LCAs more efficiently, you free up your professionals to focus on analyzing and improving the environmental footprint of your product portfolios. Sphera’s LCA Automation solution lets you calculate the LCAs of your entire product portfolio in hours, not years. It’s a game changer for businesses with complex supply chains and a significant asset in a challenging regulatory landscape.

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