Live Event

Plant Based Summit 2023

June 13-15, 2023

The biobased solutions international conference and business meetings.

About Plant Based Summit 2023

PBS is the international event for bioeconomy where biobased chemistry actors and end-users build together tomorrow’s sustainable economy.

In June 2023, Plant Based Summit will launch its 7th edition in Lille, with an even sharpened positioning on the innovation, the co-development and its operational implementation for the necessary deployment of bio-based products.

It will be the opportunity for the participants to contribute to the evolution of plant-based, green and sustainable chemistry.

Sphera at Plant Based Summit 2023

Tune in to hear Sphera’s expert; Margarida Gama, Sustainability Senior Consulting Manager in her session on current trends within the biobased materials sector.

Sustainability Assessment of Biobased Materials
Sphera’s presentation will focus on the current trends within the biobased materials sector and the different methodologies available to measure their sustainability.

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