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hy-fcell Canada 2024

June 17-19, 2024

Sphera presents “Life Cycle Based Sustainability Eval of Fuel Trucks in the EU Lighthouse Project H2Haul” at hy-fcell on June 18th.

About hy-fcell Canada 2024

hy-fcell Canada brings together renowned international specialists to discuss solutions for clean energy with hydrogen and fuel cells. The two-day interactive conference program and international exhibition is complemented by a full day of technology tours.

Event participants from across the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, and related sectors: policy, R&D, finance, production, delivery, infrastructure, storage, and multiple end-users including transportation, industrial and stationary power applications. Be a part of the cross-sector conversation at hy-fcell Canada!

At hy-fcell Canada 2023, we hosted more than 850 participants and 47 exhibitors from over 25 countries.

Sphera at hy-fcell Canada 2024

Sphera’s Dr. Michael Faltenbacher, Director Sustainability Consulting, will be giving a presentation titled, “Life cycle-based sustainability evaluation of Fuel Cell trucks in the European lighthouse project H2Haul.” Within the European Commission co-funded H2Haul project 16 heavy duty fuel cell trucks from Iveco (based on collaboration with Nikola) and VDL (subsidiary of Paccar) are being deployed at 4 sites across Europe along with the needed hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Sphera, who is a trusted independent partner for fleet monitoring and life-cycle based technology assessment for over 30 years, is responsible within the project for the benchmarking of the new FC propulsion technology vs. established technology (diesel) for 40t trucks based on three pillars, operational, economic and environmental system performance. In the presentation insights will be given on the project itself and more specifically on Sphera’s tasks regarding the environmental and economic performance evaluation by showing exemplary GHG emissions and TCO results considering the full vehicle life cycle from manufacturing, to use phase incl. fuel supply and maintenance through to the End-of-Life processing of the trucks.

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