GreenCo 2022

Live Event

GreenCo 2022

September 14-16, 2022

To further advance the need & importance of Green initiatives in Indian industry and share the latest green concepts & technologies, CII is organizing the 11th edition of the GreenCo Summit which aims at fostering and promoting sustainable models

About GreenCo

Join Sphera at GreenCo to hear the following concepts discussed and deliberated extensively by leading National and International experts.

  • International experiences & world class practices in Green
  • Transforming supply chains – logistics, procurement, packaging
  • Design for environment – resource conservation, recyclability and zero toxicity
  • Development of green products through life cycle approach
  • Green initiatives driving innovation
  • Green Marketing & Branding
  • Experiences of GreenCo Champions
  • Panel Discussion with CEOs

Sphera at GreenCo

Sphera is a proud Gold Sponsor at GreenCo Summit this year. Stop by our exhibition or attend our session to hear from our experts.

Hour 1450; Lifecycle approach for responsible products

Sphera’s Stefan Premer, Principal Sustainability Consultant and Global Climate Strategy Lead

Hour 1530; Tackling Scope 3 emissions from value chain

Sphera’s Dr. Rajesh Singh, Managing Director India & Southeast Asia Addressing scope 3 emissions has always been a challenge to the industries. While organizations can focus on direct emissions, it is impossible to achieve net zero without tackling scope 3. These emissions come from all the links in the value chain, making it important for us to decarbonize the value chain. Therefore, inculcating policies and strategies to operationalize net zero by focusing on scope 3 emissions is the aim of this session.

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