Live Event

EHS Congress 2023

May 24-25, 2023

The premier safety event in Europe.

About EHS Congress 2023

Representatives of 30+ different countries in the room – from all across Europe and as far away as Australia, Canada, Brazil, USA , South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Ghana and Iceland – making this year’s EHS Congress the most diverse yet. But we’re only getting started! For the first time ever, bringing the series into a venue large enough to host our brilliant breakout sessions during the main event, each offering for 15-20 delegates to get in-depth into topics on safety culture, leadership, health & wellbeing, environment, ESG and more.

About EHS Congress 2023

Sphera is a proud to be a Diamond Sponsor. Make sure to check out our session on Excellence in EHS today drives tomorrow’s ESG Performance by Sphera’s own Irfan Mamoojee, Director, Solution Engineering.

  • EHS and health and safety teams have traditionally collected data across the enterprise to ensure the protection of their people and operations. With the growing importance of ESG metrics and reporting, this focus is shifting. The EHS function is uniquely positioned to partner with ESG teams and support ESG initiatives, and its role will continue to evolve: While they will continue to collect and report on health and safety metrics, it will become increasingly important to set the stage for additional proactive measures that will lead to significant improvements in safety performance. Discover some remarkable success stories and how effective health and safety management solutions can drive EHS performance.

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