Live Event

Chemical Recycling

June 4-6, 2024

AMI’s fifth Chemical Recycling event will explore the potential of chemical or advanced recycling to turn waste plastics into new materials.

About Chemical Recycling Event 2024

AMI’s fifth Chemical Recycling event takes place on 4-6 June 2024 at the nhow Brussels Bloom Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. With high expectations on capacity due to come online before the end of the decade, chemical recycling has continued to grip the attention of the plastics industry. However, there are still challenges to be addressed to enable the industry to scale and contribute towards recycling targets in Europe before key deadlines in 2025.

As the time approaches for the various technologies to deliver on their commitments, Chemical Recycling 2024 explores the ongoing developments as well as highlights challenges and opportunities for the industry. Bringing together experts from across the plastics supply chain, this event is an essential meeting place for anyone looking to learn more, connect with industry leaders and discuss the latest updates in this fast-moving sector.

Sphera at Chemical Recycling 2024

Sphera’s Alejandra Martinez, Sustainability Consultant will be giving a presentation on “Developing a sustainable business case for chemical recycling.” Don’t miss our joint session with our customer Plastic Energy on sustainability and life cycle assessments of chemical recycling. 

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