EU Projects

We are participating in various EU Projects.


IMPRESS is here to impress! We are heading towards a fossil-free future with the European know-how.


The primary industrial objective of the PLEIADES project is to enable an integrated approach for the eco-design of aerospace products.


The new EU project, CIRCULAR FLOORING, is about the recovery of PVC in virgin-like quality through state-of-the-art recycling of flooring.


STEEL S4 EV aims at putting high strength steels at the forefront of a new trend in electric vehicles.



As experts in Circular Economy we were invited to participate as members of the advisory board of C-SERVEES.


Urban EV

Urban EV aims to demonstrate new lighter and affordable architectures for the principal components of vehicles of its kind.


eCAIMAN will develop a more powerful battery by modifying and improving individual components and technologies.

Don Quichote

The Don Quichote project aims to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of an integrated hydrogen storage system.


Construction21 is a collaborative platform that aims to help practitioners discover and develop new ways of sustainable building.


The idea behind FC-HyGuide: Development of Guidance Document for performing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on Fuel Cells (FCs) and Hydrogen (H2) Technologies.


The AVANGARD project addresses the integration of three novel processing units into an existing Microfactory test bed conceived to produce urban electric vehicles.

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