High Frequency Data Collection

Efficiently manage operational data against regulatory limits and continuously improve performance.

Environmental Performance

Overcoming EHS data challenges with smarter technology and processes

Gathering process data for compliance reporting is a tangled technological task - the range of operating data, pollutant parameters and other elements captured in facility level information systems is massive. In most companies, current protocols for data collection, validation and aggregation for compliance reporting are labor intensive and error prone - employing manual tasks and repetitive processes that require the development of custom spreadsheets and rely on email chains and custom systems integration. This ultimately increases the cost and risk of operations.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Prioritize the right investments to manage risk, reduce cost and improve environmental performance.

Sphera has helped many industry leaders in this capacity, in one specific case a customer is now able to validate over 5 million data points and produce over 100 custom regulatory reports each month.

Allow Process Data Manager to Help You

Sphera's Process Data Manager™ simplifies data roll up for data mining and reporting

Seamlessly integrating with Essential, Process Data Manager™ is an out-of-the-box solution for high frequency data processing specifically designed to reduce the burden of data collection, validation and aggregation.

PDM is uniquely positioned to efficiently automate the acquisition and validation of asset or equipment-level data from process automation systems. It eliminates the need for custom spreadsheets or programming with its more than 400 off-the-shelf connectors to process historians, OPC-compliant devices and databases.


Manage Risk, Reduce Cost and Improve Environmental Performance

Proactively Manage Risk

Proactively manage operations to reduce compliance risks and free up time for busy EHS and operations staff.

Achieve Greater Compliance

Reduce compliance deviations, emissions fees, and reporting risks.

Simplify Data Management

Simplify data roll up for data mining and reporting and lower costs of third-party verification and audits.


Overall, you can save time, lower operating costs and reduce risks by leveraging Process Data Manager capabilities. This is especially valuable, for example, to collect and aggregate data for carbon/greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reporting or for reporting of specific pollutants including CO2, SO2, NOx) based on operating parameters (such as heat inputs, flow rates and production feeds.

Gain the Sphera Advantage when it comes to Process Data Management

Manage Time and Resources

Free up valuable time for limited EHS and operations staff to focus on running the business rather than collecting data and producing repetitive reports.

Streamline Data Acquisition

Easily link and map equipment to environmental parameters and groupings through a front-end user-friendly interface.

Validate and Cleanse Data

Better control the internal and external factors that cause unscheduled downtime.

Automate Scheduling

Collect data from multiple sources at any frequency from near real time to less frequent monthly or quarterly and then aggregate the data to meet any business requirement reporting need.

Apply Rules & Calculations

Choose from a pre-populated standard rules library to apply validation filters or create your own user-defined rules to be leveraged across the enterprise. Use standard statistical functions and user-defined expressions to calculate required values for reporting in a consistent, reliable framework that eliminates manual processing errors.

Produce a Comprehensive Audit Trail

Leverage the structured-data validation, review, and approval work process to control data exceptions and ensure quality. Quickly access a complete electronic history from data source to reported values showing all values, changes, and annotations for accountability and verification.

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