By Sphera’s Editorial Team | April 28, 2017

Using a scorecard to evaluate the risk level of your suppliers is a fast and easy way to stabilize your supply chain and protect your business. With a supplier risk scorecard, you collect all your key evaluation criteria in one place. The best practice for maintaining accurate risk scorecards is to automatically populate them with near real-time data. But until you are ready for that step, this tool will get you started.

Enter information about a supplier into this simple template, which then calculates their overall risk score. The scorecard offers 14 risk indicators divided into five categories (financial stability, logistics, cost, compliance and quality) and will use your data to calculate a simple, numerical risk score that tells you at a glance how risky your supplier is. 

  • Rate suppliers based on indicators within different categories of risk.
  • Assign weights to different categories of risk.
  • Calculate the overall risk score of each of your suppliers.

Download our template and get started today!