By Sphera’s Editorial Team | June 25, 2020

Interactive P&ID Driving the Future of Operations by Digitalizing Isolations Planning

Operational Excellence and efficient, reliable and safe production are key corporate strategies for hazardous industry operators. Digital technology and transformation are playing a pivotal role in plant operations—and promise big results.

Industry management consultant Accenture has reported that technology used to increase operational efficiency could save each chemical operator an average of $91,261 per employee, and the World Economic Forum found the broader use of digital technology could bring the industry a $550 billion benefit over 10 years.

By transforming the core and challenging existing operating models, organizations can leverage digital to strengthen and enhance legacy systems and take advantage of new, advanced capabilities. New levels of operating efficiency can be achieved, and it doesn’t require wholesale replacement of technology. Smartly enabling digital capabilities can help organizations manage their assets more flexibly, responsibly and efficiently—and, of course, more competitively.

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