How Digital Transformation Empowers Sustainability Performance

COVID-19 has transformed the future of business. Despite all the negative consequences, the pandemic has initiated some encouraging changes. The “Verdantix EHS Software Benchmark” report (published 2021) confirms the clear trend toward digitalizing environmental and sustainability programs.

of respondents plan to adopt software for sustainability reporting
of EHS executives seek to adopt EHS software for environmental compliance

Sphera’s solution is an excellent choice to move from reporting to performance.

Verdantix highlights Sphera as a top Environment, Health Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) software provider to help businesses meet their sustainability goals while moving toward a digital future. With the increasing importance of ESG performance, there is an emerging need for the right technology to provide comprehensive and accurate measurements.

Findings from Sphera’s Sustainability Survey Report show that there is still a gap between intent and action: 51% of companies confirm having sustainability commitments and only 21% have a clear roadmap for implementing sustainability strategy into their core business.

We see a great need for software tools to make reporting efficient and audit-proof. Findings from our Sustainability Survey 2021 show that:

have dedicated sustainability software in place to collect, manage and report corporate sustainability data, and
say they use dedicated software to analyze and improve performance against set targets

With so much external pressure and high interest in a company’s ESG and sustainability performance, why is there little technology adoption? How can technology accelerate the sustainable transformation of businesses?

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Businesses need software that helps clients with their carbon accounting and efficient management of their sustainability programs. Advanced software functionality based on sustainability expertise support collecting, aggregating, and managing sustainability data seamlessly and report easily to shareholders. Organizations can fully integrate sustainability data into their business processes and improve performance by taking targeted action.

Get the Right Help in Navigating and Optimizing Your Sustainability Journey

While the right software is key, it is not all. Your organization could be just starting its decarbonization initiatives or seeking support to achieve transparency in your company’s GHG emissions. Our sustainability consultants can help you in your decarbonization pathway and advance your strategy.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of your decarbonization programs through digitalization and automation of emissions calculation. Track achieved carbon reductions through SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability software and using high-quality industry-based emissions data from our world-leading Scope 3 database.

The Art of Net Zero Target Setting

Webinar: The Art of Net Zero Target Setting

It is no longer a question of whether your company should aim for net zero. The real question is how to do it effectively and accurately because refusing to act may result in penalties, fines, and reputational damage.

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