Data Collection Software

Capture data manually or automatically through integrations.

Collect, Integrate, Monitor and Consolidate to Make Your Big Data, Smart Data

The SpheraCloud Data Collection software takes the pain out of data collection and monitoring across your organization. It allows you to capture data manually or automatically through integrations.


Our Data Collection Software Can Help You:

  • Automate and standardize your Data
  • Automically calculate KPIs
  • Identify problem hot spots
  • Aggregate data for compliance or voluntary reporting

Top Benefits of Using Our Data Collection Module

Utilize Automated Data Collection and Aggregation

Capture data manually or automatically. If manual data input is required, forms can be pre-populated with key information, such as your reporting period and site details. Automate the data aggregation process and save time as well reduce the risk of mistakes.

Create Insightful KPIs

Automatically calculate metrics or KPls from raw data capture such as energy consumption, production figures or temperatures. Provides the ability to monitor monthly production targets or maintaining a strict temperature range.

Streamline and Standardize Datasets

Different sites will collect data at different levels, especially when being a multinational organization. SpheraCloud’s Data Collection module can reduce the inconstancies in data collection by allowing data to be captured at any level in the organisation and then aggregate for reporting.

Alert the Right People Every Time

Automatic notifications in SpheraCloud help you remind the right people in your organization to ensure data is collected constantly and on-time for accurate reporting.

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