Data Collection Software

Improve data capture, accuracy and benefits.

Make Sure Your Data Is Smart Data

Collect, integrate, monitor and consolidate all your key data and make your data work like smart data. SpheraCloud Data Collection software simplifies and speeds data collection and monitoring across your organization. Your team will capture data automatically (or manually) through intuitive, well-designed integrations.

Data Collection 

Benefit from Automated Data Collection and Aggregation

Capture as much data as you can automatically—and when manual data input is required, forms can be pre-populated with key information, including reporting periods and site details. You can also automate the data aggregation process, greatly reducing the risk of mistakes. Ensure your data is collected consistently and schedule for improved accuracy.

Streamline Datasets Through Standardization

With multiple sites, companies often collect data at different levels, especially across the breadth of a multinational organization. SpheraCloud’s Data Collection module helps identify and address inconsistencies in data collection through smart standardization protocols. With Sphera, data can be captured at any level in the organization, then aggregated and standardized for reporting.  Sphera’s Data Collection module also supports focused data collection by organziation level as business needs dictate.

Data Collection 
Data Collection 

Stronger KPIs, Deeper Insights

Automatically calculate metrics or KPls from raw data capture such as energy consumption, production figures or temperatures. You can monitor monthly production targets or maintain a strict temperature range. Bigger, smarter data means taking your insights deeper and hitting your ESG goals faster.

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Training Management Software

Develop a company-wide training strategy that meets your needs globally and locally. Sphera’s Training software enables implementation of training standards, from organization-wide to site-specific requirements.

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