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2024 Customer Summit


Businesses face scrutiny from investors, regulators and customers, who expect them to demonstrate improved environmental, social and governance performance. At the same time, external factors such as geopolitical developments and increasingly severe weather events are disrupting operations and supply chains. Business resilience has never been more important.

From April 29 through May 1, 2024, Sphera’s Customer Summit provided valuable sessions and workshops that focused on enhancing business resilience and transparency and driving meaningful progress in enterprise sustainability management (ESM) practices.

Implement enterprise sustainability management (ESM) and supply chain initiatives.

Drive sustainability performance and risk management best practices.

Further your sustainability knowledge and shape the future of sustainable business and ESM.

Utilize data analytics and data-driven insights that can inform sustainable decisions.


Achieving sustainable success in a rapidly changing world

This session will showcase how Sphera, the leading enterprise sustainability management software, data and consulting company, equips our customers with the tools and expertise to become a “lion” and leader on the path to sustainability and innovation.

  • Paul Marushka | President and CEO, Sphera
Paul Marushka


Sustainable Success:
How businesses win as a force for good

Paul Marushka sits down with Dane Parker, former CSO of General Motors, to discuss how leaders need to create a culture that embraces change and embeds sustainability into all corners of their company and business strategy.

  • Megan Geldman | VP, Head of Product Line Marketing – EHS&S, Sphera
  • Paul Marushka | CEO, Sphera
  • Dane Parker | Former CSO, General Motors


Is the world better off because your business is in it?

Our economy and society are healing from the pandemic, but extreme challenges remain, such as climate change and inequality. Business has the vast opportunity – along with the tools and skills – to profit from solving the world’s problems, not creating them. Based on his new book Net Positive – co-authored with legendary CEO Paul Polman – this inspiring talk from renowned strategist Andrew Winston will help you navigate the seismic changes sweeping through business. Net Positive explodes 50 years of corporate dogma about the purpose of business and how it thrives. With bold vision and compelling stories, Winston’s talk sets out the principles and practices that will deliver the scale of change and transformation the world desperately needs.

  • Andrew Winston


Sustainable Transparency:
Navigating upcoming sustainability disclosures and frameworks

A dynamic discussion on fostering openness, accountability, and resilience in the face of disclosure challenges within the broader context of ESG and sustainability practices that examines best practices strategies for effective reporting management within an integrated ecosystem of sustainability regulations and frameworks.

  • Stefan Premer | Director, Sustainability Consulting, Sphera
  • James Mandel | CSO, Blackstone
  • Amy Cravens | Research Executive, GRC & ESG management and reporting technologies, IDC


Unlocking Excellence:
Harnessing data quality for impactful results across your organization

Delve into the pivotal role of data quality in achieving meaningful and accurate results. Explore strategies, best practices and real-world case studies to understand how meticulous data management can drive success in your projects and initiatives. Explore how safety, sustainability and product data can be leveraged across your organization and how the breakdown of data silos can enhance and improve your ESM goals.

  • David Klocek | VP Services Delivery, Sphera
  • Stuart A. Milne | Corporate Manager of Products & LCA, Exxonmobil
  • Jake Smith | Corporate EHS Data Analyst, Technology Center of Excellence/Environmental, Health & Safety, ADM


Leveraging ESG technology and data in the transition from concept to commitments

This session illuminates the progressive integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles within the corporate landscape. Explore how organizations transition from conceptualizing ESG to making steadfast commitments, fostering sustainability and responsible governance. The session promises a comprehensive examination of each stage in the corporate life cycle, offering strategic insights and real-world examples. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of ESG’s evolution as an integral part of its corporate ethos and strategy.

  • Preyasi Patel | Director, Consulting, Sphera
  • Mark Stach | CSO, Sphera
  • James Mandel | CSO, Blackstone


When Rubber Meets the Road:
Why change management is key to a successful transformation

An effective change management strategy combines technical capabilities with a deep understanding of the way people behave, providing the meaning, information, and capabilities necessary for employees to drive the change. It also creates a long-lasting impact, leveraging strengths, removing barriers, and increasing adoption. Join a panel of ERM experts to learn how change management can drive business outcomes, leading to successful technology transformations.

  • Lance Hunter | SVP Global EHSS Sales, Sphera
  • Nermin Saleemi | Partner, Digital Services – Change & Transformation, ERM
  • Wade Shults | Partner, Digital Services – Systems, ERM
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