By Sphera’s Editorial Team | March 7, 2023

More Sustainable Shirt Packaging at OLYMP

OLYMP is a leading producer of quality shirts, knitwear, sweat wear and accessories. As a company operating globally, OLYMP bears responsibility for its impact on the environment, climate, and society.

In order for OLYMP products to meet the criteria for the company’s sustainability flag GREEN CHOICE by 2025, the company is increasing the proportion of sustainably produced raw materials, reducing the use of critical chemicals and establishing environmentally friendly processes in production. Packaging is also gradually becoming more sustainable by following the design principles “reduce, recyclable, recycle”.

OLYMP used Sphera’s LCA for Packaging tool (former GaBi Packaging Calculator) to assess and improve the environmental impacts of their packaging. Sphera’s sustainability consultants assisted OLYMP by providing training and facilitating the verification process of the software tool. In addition, OLYMP worked with Dekra to ensure the data accuracy entered into the LCA for Packaging.

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