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Carbon Accounting Support for Blackstone Portfolio Companies

Carbon Accounting Support

Carbon accounting is an essential part of any climate strategy as companies need to accurately quantify their emissions baseline in order to measure and report on progress. Learn how Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability software can help your company collect, manage and report on GHG emissions in alignment with Blackstone’s Carbon Accounting Program.

To get started, watch our webinar with Blackstone’s Jake Shirmer and our Sphera experts.

  • Learn more about Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability software for carbon accounting
  • Experience a live demo of how easy it is to collect, manage and report on your GHG emissions data
  • Get additional insights in our Q&A session

Jake Shirmer BlackstoneJake Shirmer
Principal, Sustainability

Michael Hurley SpheraMichael Hurley
ESG Solutions Executive

Michael Bruce SpheraMichael Bruce
ESG Solutions Engineer

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