Building Standardized, Streamlined Global Product Compliance


For more than 100 years, Drom has been one of the world’s leading fragrance manufacturers with production sites spanning multiple continents. To continue growing this global business, Drom makes it a top priority to not only comply with regulations and standards but also provide customers with documentation and labeling so they can readily verify that its products are safe.

In 2011, Drom’s leadership recognized that the company needed a better way to track and analyze massive quantities of data from across their global organization to ensure compliance across countless overlapping jurisdictions – from local employee safety regulations to international product mandates including REACH and Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP). In addition, Drom also needed to continue meeting the requirements of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Compliance Program, which requires “eco-labeling” and bans or restricts the use of 174 chemical substances in fragrance products.

drom fragrances

Founded in: 1911


One of the world’s leading fragrance manufacturers


Munich, Germany (HQ)

Drom’s Challenges

Ensuring product compliance

of regulations and industry standards in 43 countries

Disparate regulatory and safety data management

and documentation workflows

Data standardization

across global operations

Increasing customer transparency

into regulatory and safety information


Sphera’s Product Compliance Solution

Sphera’s Product Compliance solution helps organizations add more information, innovation and insight into their current compliance processes. Our team of experts, industry-leading regulatory content, and proven software help ensure your customers and employees have the information they need.

“Now we can proactively plan for upcoming changes in material safety regulations and standards with our global Sphera system. It helps us get out ahead of product compliance challenges so we can continue doing business in current markets and even gain access to new international markets.”

Stephan Krischke, Department Manager IT & Process Management, Drom


Now, with Drom’s new global system and regulatory content from Sphera, updated information is automatically sent to production sites where additional steps are taken to ensure that fragrance components are compliant, changed, and/or replaced if necessary. Drom managers are staying current on ever-changing rules and standards with managed regulatory content – including data, rules, templates and translated phrases – that is continually updated by Sphera product compliance experts. Staff immediately have the information they need at their fingertips so they can spend less time on product compliance data management and stay focused on producing world-class fragrances and supporting customers.

Intuitive logic

Consolidated 7 systems


Standardized material safety data

giving back

Saved up to 10 weeks of work

Minimum ambitious criteria

Simplified data management

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