By Sphera’s Editorial Team | March 31, 2021

When we consider safety best practices, do we immediately think about productivity? Probably not.

But we should; the two are intertwined like the fibers that connect people and assets throughout organizations and throughout the supply chain, but when one “fiber” is weak the other is, too.

At Sphera’s first Productivity Summit for Operational Risk Management, Otto Ganguli, Cargill’s global data and analytics lead, joined several Sphera ORM experts—Scott Lehmann, Jim Crouch, Simon Jones and Peter Hardy—for a spirited discussion on how technology, clean data and best practices drive productivity in Operational Risk Management, Process Safety Management and Master Data Management.

Profitability pressures are omnipresent in today’s business world, but a drive for productivity should never compromise safety. Besides the real risk that incidents and near-misses pose to people, assets and, yes, reputation, they can hinder operations as well, which stymies productivity. One study even found that the average cost of downtime for all businesses was a whopping $260,000 per hour.

When data is unlocked from information silos, innovative software (SpheraCloud) is incorporated and expertise, companies can excel in both Safety and Productivity—even during a business shock such as what we’ve seen in the past year from COVID-19.

For example, through planning, procurement and inventory classification functionality, Master Data Management software can be used to support all aspects of work—improving work execution quality and minimizing both safety risk and the need for rework.

Check out the discussion on-demand, and make sure to register for our upcoming Productivity Summit focused on Product Stewardship (April 28) and plan to attend our Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) Productivity Summit in May (more details to come). You can also watch our Safe Operations Summit and Sustainability Summit on demand as well.