By Sphera’s Editorial Team | August 16, 2019

As we get closer to the Product Stewardship Society conference in Columbus, Ohio, in September, the society reposted a blog from Sphera’s own Rosemary Feiter on its website yesterday.

The post by Sphera’s senior manager of authoring services is titled, “Safety Data Sheet Authoring: Where the Rubber Meets the Road.” As Feiter wrote, “A solid scientific background and experience in Environmental Health & Safety regulations is a prerequisite for the preparation of compliant safety documents.”

Rosemary Feiter
Sphera’s senior manager of authoring services

She also offers a list of places to look for substance data, and explains the importance of picking the right information.

Sphera, of course, is the Platinum Sponsor at this year’s conference, which runs from Sept. 10-12 in Columbus, Ohio, and Spherions won’t be hard to find. Sphera’s own Carrie Decatur, the company’s senior regulatory analyst, will be one of the presenters in a workshop titled, “Distinguishing Hazard From Risk: Application of the Product Exposure Modeling Toolbox” and will lead a session called “The Regulators Unquenchable Thirst for Information (Beyond the SDS).”

You can also stop by Sphera’s booth to learn more about Sphera’s on-premise and cloud-based Product Stewardship software.

We hope to see you there!