By Sphera’s Editorial Team | August 8, 2017

Who: The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, or UNECE, published the 7th revision to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, or GHS, in July.

GHS UpdatesImplication: This revision contains new and revised provisions for classifying and labeling chemical substances and guidance for preparing Safety Data Sheets, or SDS. Changes include revised criteria for flammable gases within Category 1; amendments clarifying some health hazard classes; guidance on section 14 of the SDS regarding bulk cargo transported under International Maritime Organization rules; revisions to rationalize precautionary statements in Annex 3; and an example of small packing fold-out labels in Annex 7.

This revision will have no immediate impact on the country-specific GHS implementations. The competent authority of each country is responsible for amending their SDS and label criteria.

This revision can be ordered in either English or French from this site.