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Realizing Operational Excellence Through Safety Culture and Leadership

February 1st, 2019
Sphera Research
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Achieving Operational Excellence is crucial to an organization’s sustainable performance and growth. Those at higher maturity levels of Operational Excellence realize many outcomes—a holistic and systematic strategy to drive business operations, a safe and productive workforce, and the ability to continually grow, compete and meet stakeholders’ expectations.

Operational Excellence is not a final destination but a perpetual journey that requires the investment and commitment from organizational leadership and every employee. Sphera partnered with EHS Daily Advisor to examine how safety culture, leadership and EHS initiatives are driving Operational Excellence at organizations today.

The good news is most participants said that, regardless of whether they deemed their operations “excellent,” “adequate” or “inadequate,” their organizations were committed to improving Operational Excellence. A majority of participants also said that their safety leaders are effectively managing change to maintain Environmental Health & Safety compliance, safety culture and engagement.

We also wanted to know:

To learn more about the results from our survey, download the “Realizing Operational Excellence Through Safety Culture and Leadership” report to uncover the answers to these important questions.

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