By Sphera’s Editorial Team | September 5, 2018

Maturity matters—especially in the realm of Product Stewardship.

After all, managing chemicals safely and effectively throughout the product lifecycle is a requirement for true Operational Excellence. Whether it’s producing Safety Data Sheets for consumers or managing hazardous materials from raw material procurement all the way through finished-goods distribution, it’s imperative that companies incorporate the proper software solutions and procedures into their processes to ensure not only regulatory compliance but also the safety of the people throughout the supply chain.

So how mature is your organization’s approach to Product Stewardship? To help you better answer that question, Sphera has developed the Maturity Model Self-Assessment Tool for Product Stewardship. By answering the brief nine-question survey, you can better gauge what areas of your company’s Product Stewardship initiatives are performing at the highest levels and which need work.

It’s easy, it’s engaging, and it’s informative.

At the end of the survey, by hovering over the various analysis points, Sphera provides tips on how to improve in a certain area, such as “Organizational Culture” or “Workflows and Processes,” and highlights the good things that your company is already doing well.

Take the assessment now; it’s the mature thing to do.