By Sphera’s Editorial Team | May 18, 2018

In the 16th century, famed French physician Nostradamus gained notoriety for his alleged ability to predict the future as a seer.

Regardless of whether you believe that people can “see” the future, there’s no question that there have been prognosticators aplenty over the years. Whether it’s weather forecasts or predictions of destruction or grandeur, people have been thinking about tomorrow and many years after tomorrow for centuries. It is only relatively recently that companies and organizations have turned to data to be able to make solid future forecasts by using predictive analytics.Predictive Analytics Sphera

The ability to use predictive analytics for workplace safety purposes is even more nascent. While such data won’t be able to tell you when an incident will take place, predictive analytics will be able to alert you to the areas of your workforce that are most at risk so that risks can be addressed before something bad happens.

In the new Sphera e-book, “Harnessing the Power of Predictive Analytics,” we explore some of the history behind predictive analytics, which, by some accounts, can be traced back to World War II, and then offer some best practices to ensure predictive analytics work well in a workplace safety setting.

It all starts with asking the right question, collecting the right data and offering the right response.

We invite you to learn more about predictive analytics for workplace safety by downloading our e-book or contact us. Our crystal ball tells us you won’t be disappointed.