By | January 25, 2017

Exciting times.

Monday was my first day at Sphera. And a memorable one it was.

While I knew I was joining a software company that specialized in workforce and environmental safety issues, I was blown away to learn more about the scope of solutions the company actually offers.

Of course, Sphera is an established software and consulting company that has, among many other things, helped its customers keep workers safe and in compliance with environmental and safety regulations for decades.

But it’s also a new company in many ways with a new name that’s ready to grab the spotlight while staying true to its mission: “To create a safer, more sustainable and productive world by advancing operational excellence.”


For me, it was a poignant moment to hear our CEO, Paul Marushka, talk about our “new” company with excitement in a company-wide meeting on Monday. He also unveiled a new nickname for us, the more than 500 employees: Spherions.

Kind of bad-ass, don’t you think?

With a name like Sphera, which comes from the Latin word for globe, you might think of a Spherion as a remnant of the Roman Empire or perhaps even a Spartan with a large helmet from ancient Greece.

In a way you’d be right.

Spherions, I’m learning, are champions, but not on the battlefield. They are champions of a safer, sustainable, productive world.

So what makes a Spherion? I’ll take a stab at it.

A Spherion is a(n):

Safety leader: As the industry’s preeminent workplace safety solutions company, Spherions have the knowledge and tools to keep workers safe and companies in compliance.

Philanthropist: As Paul noted in our meeting, later this year the entire company will participate in its first Sphera Sustainability Day, which will emphasize the importance of sustainability to the community.

Hazard-assessor: Reading the case study about how Anadarko Petroleum Corporation chose Sphera’s Stature® software to help keep workers safe in deep-water drilling operations was eye-opening. Sphera was able to customize the software to fit Anadarko’s needs. No one wants another Deepwater Horizon tragedy.

Environmental steward: While governments make and enforce regulations, companies are in many ways the first line of defense for the environment. Corporations today recognize the importance of protecting Mother Earth, and Spherions help those companies do just that with a range of solutions.

Risk manager: Spotting problems and being proactive before it’s too late is imperative to avoid injuries and possible fatalities. Knowing the correct protocols and procedures necessary to mitigate risk is not only a smart thing to do, but also it’s the right thing to do. Spherions know they are here to help with risk management.

Inspirer: In October, Sphera will host its first-ever industry user conference in Austin, Texas: inspire. Beyond showcasing a host of industry thought leaders who work at Sphera, inspire, as its name implies, hopes to inspire companies and executives to do great things for their workforces in terms of Environmental Performance, Operational Risk and Product Stewardship. As they say, there’s safety in numbers, so we hope you’ll join us.

Oil and gas expert: There’s a reason that the 10 largest oil and gas companies use Sphera to streamline processes and decrease operating expenses.

Never better: Sphera traces its history back almost 40 years, but it’s the future that Spherions are most excited about. We’re committed to not only maintaining the same level of excellence that customers have relied on for years but also taking that commitment to a whole ’nother level with products and services that exceed expectations.

So what is a Spherion?

That’s simple: Someone who cares.