By | October 11, 2018

Go configure.

Earlier this year, Sphera released the first iteration of SpheraCloud for Operational Risk Management software with future Product Stewardship software and Environmental Performance software releases scheduled over the next couple of years. Our goal is to continue to improve the Software as a Service solution to make it as user-friendly as possible for our customers.

Today, I am happy to let you know about a major update for SpheraCloud: our new Forms Configuration Tool.

The Forms Configuration Tool is designed to enhance our customer’s experience in the following ways.

  • Do It Yourself: The new self-service feature allows customers to create their own forms in any of the modules. Examples are incident reporting, investigation, risk assessment and task forms.
  • You’re in Control: Security permissions are available to ensure that the Forms Configuration Tool is only available to select users at each company.
  • Reorder Is in Order: Not everyone likes to see things the same way. The new Forms Configuration Tool allows users to reorder sections within the forms. A validation process occurs to ensure everything on your form has been completed correctly. If errors are found, a message box is displayed with instructions on how to fix the errors.
  • Have It Your Way: This update allows users to add attributes, fields and change attribute values when they create their forms. Because field names might vary between forms, attributes allow reports and other features in the system to access the same data.
  • The More the Merrier: Users can now add multiple types of fields, such as radio buttons, check boxes or drop-down fields for items with multiple values (e.g. “dry,” “wet,” “damaged,” “icy,” etc.).
  • Copy That: Like what you see? Great. Then copy it. This new feature makes building forms easy for anyone.
  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t: If there’s a field that you don’t wish to see (e.g., if a cyberattack field is irrelevant for an injury/illness incident), you can now hide it with this latest update.
  • Preview Before Publishing: Users don’t have to wait to publish the form to see it working. You can preview the draft version of the form and test it before publishing.

The SpheraCloud Forms Configuration Tool is now available. Please contact us to learn more about this important tool and how it can benefit your organization.