By Sphera’s Editorial Team | July 21, 2020

Our recent blog post reflected on the lessons learned from the pandemic and reached three key conclusions for business:

  • Risk management is essential for every company
  • We need to prepare for the next crisis now
  • Digitization contributes to resilience

What’s New Today?

Even today investors continue to show strong interest in carbon footprinting and sustainability analysis when assessing the risk of the companies that they invest in. Our consultants are seeing a steady increase in the efforts to announce carbon neutrality, analyze scope 3 reporting and the demand for Science Based Targets. Analyzing and understanding environmental risks, such as high carbon emissions, and knowing about initiatives and opportunities help companies prepare for the environmental challenges they will face in the post-corona era.

As environmental efforts become more central to corporate identities and strategic plans, many large corporations have embedded sustainability into their IT systems landscapes.

The recent announcement of the Environmental Leaders’ Award for Sphera’s software has confirmed our dedication to delivering excellence in corporate sustainability solutions. At a time when investors consider corporate sustainability initiatives to be fundamental, our software enables businesses to assess their current situation and achieve their sustainability goals.

Digitalization will play a significant role moving forward.

Powerful reporting tools with performance analytics for sustainability initiatives can help companies to make the transition. Sphera’s solution is designed for sustainability management at scale and includes the ability to:

  • align with user requirements and easily adjust to changing conditions.
  • quickly respond to shifts in internal organizational structures and sustainability priorities.
  • handle all sustainability challenges, from carbon accounting to sustainability reporting (GRI, CDP, SDGs, SBTs, scope 3 reporting, etc.) in one platform.
“We are excited about what we can do with the system: Corporate Sustainability (former SoFi Software) shows us how we can be an even more sustainable company.”
– Jan van Rompay, Director of Sustainability at Lumileds
  • leverage BI-reporting and advanced performance analytics.
“Corporate Sustainability (former SoFi Software) is a great tool to efficiently collect, store and report information about progress in terms of sustainability.”
– Michael Goebbels, METRO AG
  • allow for Performance Management and Improvement. Without a centralized source for your data, it is hard to manage against your sustainability baseline, to track performance in real-time against established goals, to analyze and identify levers for change and to make data-driven decisions around performance improvements.
“We now have a web-based platform that centralizes our data collection, automates calculations of our carbon and energy footprint, delivers point-and-click sustainability reporting, reduces data errors, and streamlines our GRI reporting process.”
Barry Enix, Corporate Safety Director, Buckman

In our experience with clients who use our award-winning SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability solution, we know that companies are for greater sustainability innovation in their operations when they begin to digitalize their activities for a more sustainable future.