By Sphera’s Editorial Team | August 9, 2019

During the Olympics, millions of people tune in to watch the best athletes in the world compete; it’s mesmerizing, and the athletes make it look so easy.

But have you ever tried to do a cartwheel? Let alone one on a balance beam?

Watching—and even coaching—the Olympics is nothing like the experience of training for them. No one knows the challenges of the balance beam unless they have spent thousands of hours performing on it.

The “sport” of Environmental Health & Safety is no different. That’s why Sphera’s solutions are developed by teams of industry experts. Martina Frenette, for one, is an expert responsible for software implementation. Before she came to Sphera, Frenette sought a solution to help her organization streamline business processes and meet global compliance to achieve Operational Excellence.

Martina Frenette

Then she found Sphera.

She liked the solution and company so much that she joined to become our senior regulatory analyst.

The Product Stewardship Journey With Sphera

As an EHS professional, Frenette experienced many of the challenges faced by Product Stewardship professionals, particularly regarding the creation of Safety Data Sheets and corresponding labels. From creating rules to automating streamlined processes, she and her team partnered with Sphera in a journey to find a solution to product compliance in an ever-changing market.

The solution was an SAP EH&S package in which Sphera’s solutions were integrated with SAP software. Product Compliance for SAP EH&S from Sphera was chosen because it was user-friendly and met and exceeded the requirements and needs of a product steward.

An Imperfect Path

Just as an Olympian might fall off the beam, our solutions have missed the mark and course-corrected to meet the needs of our clients. But, as users like Frenette know, we strive for excellence with every step.

We are still growing.

Not everything is perfect.

However, we have achieved some amazing things from our partnership and openness with our clients.

Join Frenette on Aug. 29 at 9 a.m. CT in a special webinar as she shares her journey from customer to Spherion and explains how the Sphera prepackaged SAP EHS solution can help empower your teams with a configurable rules engine and automate the generation of global SDSs.