By | July 19, 2022

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSDR) represents a regulatory shift that aims to achieve greater transparency in ESG and sustainability reporting. The directive will apply to nearly 50,000 companies in the EU, with some companies needing to demonstrate compliance as early as 2024. Companies are investing in solutions and tools that will support their reporting effort. Are you?

If you are not sure whether CSRD applies to you, I encourage you to read two informative articles: New Sustainability Reporting Standards from Europe and CSRD Requirements Now Include Non-EU Companies and Independent Auditing. They provide the answers to the Who, What, When, Where and Why questions you’re asking now.   

In the meantime, I will help you with the How—how to report and, more specifically, how to digitize your reporting effort for greater efficiency.

SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability

Sphera provides one of the best ESG management software tools on the market. For evidence, read this report by Verdantix. It provides a detailed analysis of capabilities from vendors across 99 environmental compliance and sustainability management assessment criteria. Sphera is the leader of the board. I hope this sets the scene for what I’m getting to, which is how we can help you 

I can boil down my daily conversations with sustainability managers to three main topics: 

Sustainability Reporting, Scope 3 and Performance Improvement.

Sustainability Reporting

Sphera’s solution helps companies make the jump from manual reporting to efficient, accurate digitized reporting. Our fully dedicated software package can be implemented within several weeks, allowing you to accelerate your reporting effort. It provides the ability to capture relevant data relating to Environment, Social and Governance as defined by GRI, CDP, TCFD, SECR and CSRD (respectively: the Global Reporting Initiative, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting regulations and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). You can then report your data in alignment with these frameworks and reporting requirements. Essentially, the software lets you enter data once and then reuse it for different reporting needs by pulling the relevant data in a Word, Excel or PDF format.

The solution is designed to adapt to your evolving requirements, giving you a tool that fits, regardless of your size, level of maturity and requirements. Several fully configurable modules are available out of the box and do not require customization.

Corporate Sustainability software 

Whether you are looking for a solution to support your GHG reporting data collection based on GHG Protocol, or a solution for all your ESG reporting, we offer the most comprehensive and robust software available in the market today. Also available is SpheraCloud Foundations, pre-configured and thus easy to understand and implement. Start data collection within weeks and be prepared for mandatory corporate sustainability reporting long before regulations go into effect. 

Scope 3

Scope 3 emissions reporting is probably one of today’s biggest challenges, and given the complexity of the challenge, it merits dedicated attention. We help you tackle Scope 3 in-house with the best software, data, and services available.

  • Our solution supports supplier data collection, management and engagement
  • When data is not available, our software offers relevant, up-to-date emission factors libraries such as DEFRA, EPA, IEA, GHG and ecoinvent. In addition, you can pull data from our own exclusive Product Sustainability (GaBi) database, the world’s largest LCI data repository developed over 30 years by thinkstep, a Sphera company. ISO-compliant, annually updated and third-party verified, the database helps you move away from a spend-based method to a hybrid method for the calculation of your purchased goods and services emissions.
  • Access our in-house consulting services for help with topics such as materiality assessment and product-to-emission-factor mapping.

Performance Improvement

What is the use of reporting, if not a means to an end? In this case, the end is to improve performance and Sphera will help you with this, too. Our tool helps identify the gaps between targets and actual performance, so you can amend strategies and track progress toward goals such as science-based targets. For more details, check out our White Paper. 

I encourage you to get in touch with us for help in clarifying your options. Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability solution provides software, data and consulting that can help you tackle sustainability challenges in a rapidly changing environment.

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