By | September 27, 2019



Konnichiwa from Japan!

On Sept. 18 and 19, Sphera attended its first Japanese conference—the Chemical Materials Conference in Yokohama, which was hosted by publisher Chemical Daily.

We approached this conference with a blend of excitement and wonder. Japan is so unique, beautiful, tasteful (provided you like to eat fish), and Japanese people are so respectful, pleasant and open.

At the conference, we introduced our Product Stewardship software for Safety Data Sheet authoring to the Japanese market, and some of us were visiting the island country for the first time.

On the first morning, we presented a short overview of Sphera Solutions to a full room of visitors (IA によるSDS自動作成). The presentation was designed to introduce Sphera to a Japanese audience, show how Sphera’s solutions can help companies with their Product Stewardship compliance needs, the challenges posed by a Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) that is not really harmonized, and how Intelligent Authoring automates compliant document authoring.

During the conference we met hundreds of visitors. They were primarily professionals in charge of product compliance from companies based in Japan, who came to see a demo of our solutions. We also met many current customers using Sphera software in Japan as well as several people we’ve been interacting with during the past few months who have supported our launch in Japan.

Also, we had the opportunity to meet our new Sphera colleagues (formerly thinkstep) based in our Tokyo office.

The conference was held in a district of Yokohama calledなとみらい (minato mirai), which means the “harbor of the future.” This is of symbolic significance because we are looking forward to continuing working with Japanese companies in the future and providing them with our solutions to support them in their product compliance challenges.