When it comes to safety and sustainability, we know there are certain types of incidents and near-misses that continue to happen over and over again. The question is why.

These types of incidents not only affect our places of business and the world around us but also productivity as well. It doesn’t have to be this way. Companies can do more to keep their people safe, their product sustainable and their operations productive.

Recently, Occupational Health & Safety wrote about the Oil & Gas industry under the headline “How Safety Has Become a Priority for the Oil Sector.” Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a time when safety wasn’t a priority in that industry or any other for that matter, but we still see incidents occur year after year.

The article lists the most common incidents including “caught-in accidents,” where people get caught or pinned between moving parts; vehicle collisions; explosions and fires; and falls.

A similar list could be made for sustainability when you look at events involving emissions, energy use, wastewater, contamination and more.

We can do better.

Over the past couple of months, you might have noticed save-the-date messages at the end of this newsletter for our upcoming Sphera Summits focused on Safety, Sustainability and Productivity, respectively.

These three virtual summits are designed to help spark ideas to help you meet your needs in each of these key areas to enhance Operational Excellence. To get there, companies must embrace a Digital Transformation that connects all three areas as part of a complete integrated strategy. At the summits, you will hear from Sphera’s experts and customers, learn about industrywide best practices and research, and ask the questions you want answered.

Paul Marushka

Paul Marushka

As Sphera’s founding President and CEO, Paul Marushka is responsible for providing overall strategic leadership for the company in developing, directing and implementing go-to-market, service, product and operational plans. Marushka has grown businesses by bringing innovative solutions to market in leveraging software, analytics and technology services. Prior to joining Sphera, Paul served as President of Marsh ClearSight, a business unit of Marsh & McLennan and a leading provider of software, services and analytics for enterprise risk management, safety and compliance management and claims administration. Marushka also has held executive positions at software and data companies such as Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) and CCC Information Services.