By Sphera’s Editorial Team | October 8, 2019

Chemical Lifecycle Management often varies among facilities, departments, tasks and products. Once organizations get a grip on chemical inventory, the greater challenge is to maintain control of it.

Responsible and safety-conscious organizations must implement processes that control chemicals before new materials are introduced into the workplace. From bulk orders of organic peroxides to small store-runs for cleaning agents, material approval workflows ensure the most efficient processes are anything but simple. Engaging multiple groups during the approval process often seems all but impossible.

Recently, Sphera Product Manager Abhishek Roy provided a detailed look at the benefits of efficient chemical approval processes during an American Industrial Hygiene Association webinar titled “When Logic Takes Over: A Smart Chemical Approval.”

Roy began the webinar by exploring the importance of understanding the information needed to begin the process.

  • What data do we need to capture?
  • How do we capture the data?
  • Where does the data flow through the organization?
  • What happens at the end of an approval or denial?

Roy then explored the importance of including a flexible, dynamic, and conditional approval process. For example, sodium bicarbonate can be used as a cleaning agent or ingested for medical purposes. Depending on the end use, two paths of chemical approval are necessary for the same material (to the lab or medical teams, respectively).

Smart Chemical Approval

Communicator’s Material Approval enables users to implement smart forms and workflows that incorporate logic so a material can follow a certain approval pathway based on predetermined criteria (chemical properties, etc.).

5 Advantages

  1. Streamline Automation. Configure and visualize all dynamic and conditional approval pathways in a fast and lean workflow. Automate processes and cross-references to save time and critical resources.
  2. Stay Flexible. Align workflows to scale regulatory obligations and organizational structures.
  3. Eliminate Data Noise. Provide critical chemical data if and when reviewers need it.
  4. Go Green. Use regulatory review to seek greener alternatives.
  5. Prevent Unwanted Chemicals. Incorporate banned lists to keep undesirable chemicals out of the facility.

Material Approval is a unique user-configurable solution that helps you maintain inventory control with a dynamic, bidirectional approval process.  Don’t just know your products. Control them with Material Approval.

You can learn more about Sphera’s new Material Approval tool by watching a short video.