By Sphera’s Editorial Team | May 15, 2021

What are the biggest challenges companies face when it comes to health and safety management?

This question is often asked, and while it can differ by industries, a common problem that is emerging is the lack of insight and integrated tools.

43 % of companies see a lack of operational risk visibility.
91% of companies say technology has made their companies and work teams safer.

A recent Sphera focus group highlighted some interesting aspects of the problem. An expert discussion between peers in a wide range of UK utility industries focused on the challenges they face, whether in administrative, regulatory, or industry-specific tasks.  They discussed the significant trends in the water utility industry impacting day-to-day operations. They also did a deep dive into standard processes or systems that help them manage and improve their health and safety needs regarding inspections, incident reporting, action tracking, and analytics.

The focus group discussed the KPIs they are currently capturing and ones they would like to compare with industry peers. The importance of capturing such unified parameters to drive benchmark and industry best practices was highlighted, which allows them to have a holistic view of their risk management and sustainability journey. Having a progressive health and safety management program is essential, as it is no longer just a regulatory compliance issue but an integral part of an organization’s sustainability target.

An Ideal Health and Safety Solution

Organizations need software tools to help them on their health and safety management journey while focusing on their core competencies and organizational targets. Software that is:

  1. Intuitive and easy to use with minimal training for end-users to ease the burden on the EHS professionals, who can then focus their time and effort on analyzing the data to improve Safety
  2. Supports data collection from multiple sources to help drive insights for operational managers so that they can focus on reducing risk and preventing incidents from reoccurring while increasing Productivity.
  3. Easily configurable to allow customization by the organization’s experts and admin users to better fit with changing business processes, safety culture and Sustainability

The focus group agreed that a health and safety management software tool is essential to get the trust and buy-in from the workforce, which helps drive health and safety initiatives and the necessary insights for continuous improvement.

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