Carbon Accounting Support for Blackstone Portfolio Companies

Sphera’s Carbon Accounting and Reporting solution helps you easily calculate your company’s carbon footprint.

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Strategically manage your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and measure progress toward targets.

Carbon accounting is an essential part of any climate strategy as companies need to accurately quantify their emissions baseline to measure and report progress. Initiate your carbon accounting with the help of SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability software. With it, users can easily collect GHG emissions data, automatically calculate their organization’s carbon footprint and seamlessly report their sustainability performance to internal and external stakeholders. Sphera’s approach is aligned with the guidance for Blackstone’s Carbon Accounting Program as well as other private equity programs.

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We Provide Guidance and Support on Carbon Accounting and Reporting

Collect, aggregate and validate your emissions data

Data collection and aggregation in online spreadsheets or other desktop tools can be error-prone, time-consuming and inaccurate, especially when information is stored in siloed systems throughout the organization.

SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability software helps organizations reduce the time spent gathering data and avoid the errors that come with a fragmented approach. The software allows users to collect data directly via custom questionnaires, import data manually or use automatic integration capabilities. And users can even create alerts and plausibility checks to ensure only high-quality data is entered.

Accurately measure your environmental footprint

Calculating the impact of GHG emissions is complex: Different data sources rely on different calculation methods and update cycles. Yet, final reporting needs to meet the requirements of various stakeholders and sustainability standards.

Sphera’s software automatically calculates GHG emissions with the help of integrated, consolidated emission factors that are regularly updated. Rely with confidence on precise and up-to-date calculations thanks to smart and flexible real-time analytical metrics.

Boost efficiencies with data in one system

Data collection and aggregation in spreadsheets or other tools are not transparent and audit-proof. To get the most insight from your data, you need additional checks and external auditors to achieve consistent data quality, which hampers efficiency.

Transparent audit trails help provide audit-proof data to get the right information to the right people at the right time—wherever they may be— to expedite voluntary and regulatory reporting.

Visualize data and easily share them with stakeholders

Stakeholder access to critical data is compromised when data is stored in different systems. This creates extra manual work and a certain risk when compiling data for presentations and reports.

Real-time analytics enable to-the-minute reporting and personalized dashboards complemented with dynamic charting, which allows for more robust carbon reports. Customized performance indicators calculate the impacts you need to report and allow you to share the information with internal or external audiences easily. You can even integrate them into your company’s website for unparalleled transparency.

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Boost your carbon accounting and management through expertise and insights with Sphera’s Sustainability Consulting services tailored to your company’s specific needs. Our consultants are experts in their respective industry focuses as well as in sustainability and carbon accounting. They are here to support you from the start and as you progress throughout all the necessary steps on your journey to becoming a more sustainable organization.

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