Narenderpal Singh Marwaha

Narenderpal is a Principal Solution Architect for Sphera’s quality and process safety risk management solutions.

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Narenderpal Singh Marwaha

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Barrier Management Using PHA-Pro

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When you go to a risk assessment facilitation meeting, you probably have a good idea of how everyone in the room is going to behave.


Narenderpal is a Principal Solution Architect with nineteen years of experience at Sphera in different roles including product, project and training management as well as engineering consulting services for risk management. He works with manufacturing industries including process, life science, automotive and electronics. He has helped to design, develop, and successfully implement, solutions for process safety and quality risk applications in Sphera products and for customers. He is a skilled risk assessment facilitator and risk methodology trainer. He also manages Sphera’s training services for enterprise platforms including SpheraCloud ARA and Stature.

Narenderpal has a Bachelor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (Environmental Option) from The University of Western Ontario with Professional Engineer designation in Ontario, Canada, and Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences) from the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. His hobbies include coaching children’s soccer and listening to classical and fusion music.