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Dr. Martin Baitz is a Senior Life-Cycle-Sustainability Expert based in Stuttgart, Germany.

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5 Steps to Improve Your ESG Performance

5 Steps to Improve Your ESG Performance

The term ESG has been evolving as more and more companies & investors catch on. These are the areas primed for ESG performance improvements.

Oil Spill Observations and Riding a Wave to Sustainability Success

Oil Spill Observations and Riding a Wave to Sustainability Success

By following Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) best practices, companies can play a critical role in making the world a better place.

Decarbonization of the Value Chain Solving the Data Challenge

Decarbonization of the Value Chain: Solving the Data Challenge

Discover what should companies actually look for when searching for the right data to act as a basis for a comprehensive assessment of their value chain.

GaBi Database Release Webinar

GaBi Database Release Webinar

Sphera Product Sustainability (GaBi) databases are accurate, comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) databases.

Returning to Operations 3

Into the Unknown, Part 2: Sustainably Returning to Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic could be an opportunity for humanity to overcome the even more disastrous environmental crisis on the horizon.

COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis

COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis

COVID-19 outbreak has had some side effects that make me wonder whether the Earth as a whole isn’t actually alive and conscious.


Dr. Martin Baitz is an expert in sustainability and life-cycle related environmental topics at Sphera (formerly thinkstep/PE International ) since 2003 . Martin is working on strategies to develop, maintain and update existing and future professional life-cycle databases and life-cycle information supply and exchange, along with quality control of LCI databases and data sets. He is member of German LCA standardisation body AA3 of DIN-ISO and Co-Editor of the International Journal of Life-Cycle Assessment for Data Quality and Availability.

Before joining Sphera, Martin was a research engineer for life-cycle assessment and life-cycle engineering, and head of the IKP Gabi department at the University of Stuttgart.

Martin has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart. He likes montainbiking, hiking, snowboarding and spending time with his 3 sons.