Dr. Aidan Turnbull

Senior Director of Sphera Compliance Limited based in the UK.

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Dr. Aidan Turnbull is the founder and leader of the www.BOMcheck.net substances declarations blockchain database and the www.EC4P.com platform for WEEE, Batteries and Packaging recycling compliance. He has specialist expertise in the REACH, RoHS, WEEE, Batteries, Packaging and EcoDesign regulations through a wide range of projects over the past 26 years.

In 1998 Aidan was one of eight EcoDesign consultants appointed to a UK Government panel that advised on both regulatory compliance and broader ecodesign approaches. In 2003 he managed and wrote the UK Government Guidelines on compliance to the WEEE and RoHS Directives. In 2008 he represented the European Union medical device industry in RoHS Directive negotiations with the European Commission. In 2010 Aidan was appointed co-chair of the IPC 1752A Materials Declaration Standard. In 2012 he was appointed UK National Expert on the IEC 62474 Materials Declaration Standard and the EN 50581 Standard for RoHS2 Technical Documentation. In 2013 Aidan was appointed as European Regional Coordinator for the IEC 62474 Materials Declaration Standard.

Aidan has a PhD in Physics and Electronics from the Durham University, sponsored by British Telecom through a CASE award. He is a BSAC Advanced Diver and was a scuba diving instructor for several years in Scotland and Malaysia.