2019 Survey on the State of Process Safety & Operational Risk Management - Part One

Good intentions … but falling short on meaningful progress

The 2019 survey, the industry’s fourth on the state of Process Safety & Operational Risk Management, shows how companies are big proponents of a strong safety culture, but there is a large gap between process safety intent and what occurs during everyday operations.

However, a period of unprecedented change paired with the availability of Industry 4.0 Integrated Risk Management technologies may have the potential to disrupt the status quo.

This is Part One of a two-part report.


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In Part Two, which is scheduled to be released in fall 2019, we will examine the role of planning and how companies are addressing specific challenges by focusing on digital transformation.

Key Takeaways

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A Perfect Storm of Change & IRM 4.0 at the Forefront

Hazardous industries find themselves in a period of unprecedented change marked by:

Industry leaders strongly agree, Integrated Risk Management (IRM) 4.0 technologies may help disrupt the status quo by enabling companies to manage the evolution of risk within their organizations and unlock the path toward Operational Excellence.

*Stay tuned for Part Two of the report – which will release late Fall 2019, where we examine how companies are addressing specific challenges by focusing on Digital Transformation.

About the Survey

The 2019 Sphera PSM/ORM Survey was conducted online between April 3 and June 6, 2019. A record 230 people took part in this year’s survey, of whom 31% said they have worked in process safety, asset integrity and Operational Risk for more than 15 years. Nearly half (45%) said they work in the Oil & Gas industry, 18% in petrochemicals and 9% in manufacturing. More than a third of the respondents (38%) said they work at companies with more than 10,000 employees, and about half (45%) said their company operates more than 25 plants. Additionally, a third of respondents (30%) said they hail from North America while 23% said the Middle East, 18% Asia and 11% Europe.

Survey and Expert Commentators

Mike Zamis

Chief Product Officer

Simon Jones

Director, Solutions Consulting – Operational Risk Management

Scott Lehmann

VP, Product Management – Operational Risk Management

John Crosman

Process Safety Consultant

Courtney Brewer

Manager, Product Marketing – Operational Risk Management