Policy Management Software

Enable employees to access, acknowledge and sign off on the most up-to-date versions of important documents.

Secure and Control Your Important Documents with Confidence

The proper visibility and maintenance of key internal documents and policies is vital to mitgate risk.

With Sphera’s Policy Management software, you can ensure employees across your business can access, acknowledge and sign off on the most up-to-date and relevant versions of important documents.

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Our Policy Management Software Can Help You:

  • Store all documents in a safe, secure and reliable central location
  • Quickly upload, publish and distribute documents in a customizable workflow
  • Easily search for and locate all document versions and variants

Reduce Risk by Improving Access and Compliance

Complete Version Control

Store one central version of a policy and archive previous versions. This way you can be sure everyone has the latest copy, while maintaining the ability to refer to previous versions if needed.

Publication Approval

Enable management approval workflows to make sure changes and publication of sensitive documents is effectively controlled. This will ensure all documents are signed off on before going live.

Simplified Access and Tracking

With secure access rights, ensure that videos, policies and documents are targeted to only the people that need to see them. With built-in tracking, you can review engagement and readership figures to understand how employees are interacting with policies.

An Audit Trail for Full Traceability

Policy Management software’s fully automated audit trail feature will help you track who edited a document or policy, what they changed and when they changed it.

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